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When I was younger, I use to save all my money I could to ride my bike to the gas station to buy baseball cards. Hoping to just get the “BIG STARS” at the time, I also was there for the rock hard sugar stick they called gum. A box of cards would have multiple packs in it and I never once dreamed about having the whole box. Being naïve, I had no clue about the potential of each box, nor did I ever have the ability to buy it. As years passed, the value of cards went down. The offers of $30 for my $100 card didn’t add up. It made me walk away to a point. About 10 years ago, I decided to get back into my Michael Jordan personal collection. After the Craigslists, Ebays, Garage sales, and even flea markets, along came Facebook. Making the hobby fun again and worth it, I found a way to get into not only box breaks, but case breaks and multi-sport breaks as well. After pulling autographed Jordan jerseys, Presidential letters form 1908, and numerous $500-$2500 cards, let’s just say the love and addiction kicked in! With box breaking, collecting takes a different twist. With the biggest hits, the most expensive cards, and the most sought after stars, it comes from being able to get into box and case breaks for a fraction of the price. Most of those boxes now days come at a steep price. Rather than buying into a box of cards by purchasing packs and guaranteed nothing, buying into a full case break with stated odds gives you a great chance at pulling the big one or the one you need for your collection. The idea is to purchase a team/spot in a box break. Making football as an example, there are 32 teams in the NFL, thus 32 teams/spots that can be purchased for each box that is broken.    Now the addicting stuff!! Once you’ve purchased a team/spot, you log on at break time, kick back and watch Playmakers rip/break open the product live. Every card that is linked to the team(s) you purchased during that break will ship to you at no extra cost so you can add it to your collection!    We offer Random, Pick Your Team (PYT), Serial Number, Divisional, and Draft Pick breaks to name a few. For Random: Once you purchase your team in a break and all spots for that break are sold, we will take everyone that purchased into that box and list them on a spreadsheet in no particular order. Right before the break, live on our Facebook group page, we will then take that list of everyone's names and teams in the break, and randomize it on RANDOM.ORG. The number of times we random is determined by a live, 2 dice roll, also on RANDOM.ORG. Once the lists are randomized, we will attach the new lists together to see who you got. At this time your name will be slotted with the team that you will have for that break. For Pick Your Team: It is that simple, you get to pick your team and make your purchase for your spot. The others are done by random the same way.  For our most up to date and latest news, please find and follow our group on Facebook at Playmakers Breaks and Personal Boxes If you have any other questions, please email us at